Sandworms of Dune by Herbert, Brian & Kevin J. Anderson, 2007

Sandworms of Dune by Herbert, Brian & Kevin J. Anderson - Book cover from

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Review coming soon. However, based on what I have read this will be the last non-Frank Herbert Dune book I will ever pick up. Its....Its truly horrible. Its shockingly horrible. Ive only read just under 100 pages, but I don't think its going to go anywhere good.

UPDATE: 01/15/2008: I'm sorry. I tried to read it, but I just could not do it. Life is way too short to have to read crap like that. Do yourself a favor and only get this one if you are a fan of these two authors, because if you are not, and only want to find out "how the story ends," you will be sorry. This thing is miserable. I sold it. I sold it without finishing it, and I feel guilty that someone else is now going to buy it. But I sold it, and its outta my house, and that's just fine with me, because it was stinking up the place.

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