Title Author Publisher  Year  Rating Cover
Gambling Device, The Herbert, Frank DAW 1973 Average rating of 2.5 star(s) Gambling Device, The by Herbert, Frank
Paradox Men, The Harness, Charles Crown 1949 Average rating of 3 star(s) Paradox Men, The by Harness, Charles - Book cover from
His Robot Girlfriend Allison, Wesley City of Amathar 2009 Average rating of 1.5 star(s) His Robot Girlfriend by Allison, Wesley
Robota Chiang, Doug & Orson Scott Card Chronicle Books 2003 Average rating of 3 star(s) Robota by Chiang, Doug & Orson Scott Card - Book cover from
Dune Herbert, Frank Chilton 1965 Average rating of 5 star(s) Dune by Herbert, Frank - Book cover from
Her Smoke Rose Up Forever (short story) Tiptree, James Charterhouse 1974 Average rating of 0.5 star(s) Her Smoke Rose Up Forever (short story) by Tiptree, James
Sparks Fly Upward Morton, Lisa Cemetary Dance 2006 Average rating of 4.5 star(s) Sparks Fly Upward by Morton, Lisa
Beyond Apollo Maltzberg, Barry Carroll & Graf 1972 Average rating of 3 star(s) Beyond Apollo by Maltzberg, Barry
Who Goes There? Campbell, John W., Jr. Buccaneer Books 1935 Average rating of 4 star(s) Who Goes There? by Campbell, John W., Jr. - Book cover from
Third Craft, The Harris, James T. BPS 2008 Average rating of 2 star(s) Third Craft, The by Harris, James T. - Book cover from

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